Tomato base
Romaine 10,00€
tomato, ham, cheese
Royale 11,00€
tomato, ham, mushrooms, olives, cheese
Lion d'or 11,00€
tomato, ham, mushrooms, egg, cheese
4 saisons 11,00€
tomato, ham, artichoke, cheese
Capri 11,00€
tomato, ham, anchovy, cheese
Marguerite 11,00€
tomato, ham, anchovy, capers, cheese
Aveyronnaise 12,00€
tomato, ham, roquefort, nuts, cheese
Bergère 12,00€
tomato, ham, mushrooms, goat cheese, cheese
Venise 11,50€
tomato, mushrooms, mozzarella, olives, cheese
4 fromages 12,50€
tomato, ham, mushrooms, roquefort, goat cheese, reblochon, melted cheese, cheese
Savoyarde 12,50€
tomato, ham, bacon, reblochon, cheese
Raclette 12,50€
tomato, ham, bacon, potato, Raclette cheese, cheese
Paysanne 11,50€
tomato, bacon, onions, cheese
Provençale 12,00€
tomato, bacon, peppers, onions, olives, cheese
Florentine 12,00€
tomato, bacon, spinach, snail butter, cheese
Campagnarde 11,50€
tomato, ham, mushrooms, cheese
Chef 11,50€
tomato, dry sausage, capers, olives, cheese
Chorizo 11,50€
tomato, mushrooms, chorizo, cheese
Tunisienne 11,50€
tomato, mushrooms, merguez, cheese
Grecque 11,50€
tomato, tuna, capers, snail butter, cheese
Atlantique 13,50€
tomato, smoked salmon, onions, cheese
Fruit de mer 13,50€
tomato, seafood cocktail, cheese
Bourgogne 14,50€
tomato, mushrooms, 12 snails, snail butter, cheese
Parisienne 14,50€
tomato, mushrooms, frog legs, snail butter, cheese
Saint-Jacques 14,50€
tomato, mushrooms, Walnut St. Jacques, shrimp, snail butter, cheese
Cream base
Flamme 11,50€
fresh cream, bacon, onions, cheese
Flamme au brie 12,50€
fresh cream, bacon, onions, brie, cheese
Alsacienne 12,00€
fresh cream, potato, viennese sausage, cheese
Tartiflette 12,50€
fresh cream, bacon, potato, onions, reblochons, cheese
Norvégienne 13,50€
fresh cream, smoked salmon, capers, cheese
Alaska 14,50€
fresh cream, smoked salmon, spinach, snail butter, potato, cheese
Montagnarde 13,00€
fresh cream, ham, dry sausage, potato, melted cheese, olive, cheese
Italienne 13,00€
fresh cream, onions, potato, mozzarella, green and red pepper, artichoke, cheese
Poulet tartare 12,50€
fresh cream, roasted chicken breasts, Tartar, egg, cheese
Poulet chèvre miel 12,50€
fresh cream, roasted chicken breasts, goat cheese, honey, cheese
Bruschetta - Salad
Slice of topped bread 13,00€
garnish your bruschetta according to your favorite pizza (excluding pizzas at 14 €)
Children's menu
Choice of syrup 6,50€
Small plate of spaghetti, ham
Bolognaise, Napolitaine or butter
mini pizza
tomato or cream with 1 ingredient of your choice
A scoop of ice cream of your choice

Ingredient supplement : 1€